Dec 31, along Pacific Coast Highway...

Time to drive back home, leaving San Diego and taking route 1 from Laguna beach to Oxnard First stop, a dream comes true, one of my favorite yarn store from NYC and I don't have to fly to go there I couldn't leave without some Liberty!! Last Christmas gift of 2015 Laguna beach, post card perfect Cali town Last sunset of 2015 from Manhattan Beach one of my favorite spot Hope this little trip pleased you, I know I had a lot of fun next won't be until this summer, somewhere new for me..

Dec 30, one last day in San Diego

Enjoying our last day in San Diego A little history Quiet funky place to visit Then Coronado bridge Visiting Seaport village and running into new year festivity and mini marathon Driving along the coast and having lunch in Encinitas One last stop in one of the best Italian area in the US Sunset on the San Diego bay Tomorrow is New year eve, time to go home...

Dec 29, San Diego zoo

I have been to the San Diego zoo a dozen time but still my favorite View of the Balboa park from skyline Panda life is exhausting but for us too, we had to wait in line for hours before seeing them sleeping!! Bears are my favorites, always ready for a great pictures, enjoying life in the water and a little nap in the sun!! Hi there, don't be shy!! Not a diva at all!! So blasé!! Not so young any more!! Always sleepy!! A last tour in the bird cages These are just a few of the pictures, there was so much to see!! Tomorrow last day in San Diego....

Dec 28, on the road to San Diego...

Not much today as we drove most of the day from DTLA to San Diego Mostly cloudy and light rain on the road, played with filters a lot Enjoying Benihana meal!!

Dec 27, Sunday at the garden

Ahead on our program, I am looking to spend a fun day not too far from DTLA A surprise was waiting for us at our return to the city, but first a cutural visit A little gem a few miles away from DTLA The Huntington Botanical Garden Lots of cute things, green and desert plans, enjoy! Famous rose garden from Pasadena rose parade I would mind an herb garden like that in my backyard We are back at Pitchoun sampling their great menu, simply delicious!! A surprise was waiting for me there, a galette des rois, not the Parisian one but the Provencial galette well know and the only one for Southern French It was delicious, I enjoyed every bite. A true beautiful day with gorgeous sunset colours

Dec 26, lost in fabric heaven and food paradise

Walked up early for a Saturday morning but eager to discover the city First comes first breakfast, we found a great place, but we were not the only ones. If you like to have breakfast here, you need to be patient!! Eggslut Then it is fabric shopping at Michael Levine, LA has a great fashion district at least as good as NYC I think I shopped for a life time but I loved every bit of it A rarety in a time of Amazon, a giant bookstore of used books We even found a yarn store on the 2nd floor, Gather DTLA After hours of shopping we were looking for a creperie but ended up at an Austrian restaurant. Creperie was closed for the holidays 😬 Bier Biels One last stop, highly recommended by French in L

Dec 25, Christmas day in DTLA

DTLA or Downtown Los Angeles Lovely day to hang out in DTLA, pretty quiet and perfect for tons of pictures Setting in our new hotel Walt Disney concert hall Chinatown Union Station Pueblo in DTLA, beginning of Los Angeles Little Tokyo, one of the only place open on Christmas View from the hotel at sunset Quiet day but lots of time to cover every bits of the city

Dec 24, Santa Monica

Time flies when you are having fun, we are Christmas eve already. Weather is still good enough to walk around Santa Monica and its famous Pier. We explored the Promenade and its many shops Our last escapade was a little spare of the moment where I remembered that Berverly Hills had a full Amorino store It wasn't the more balance meal we had during our vacation, but god it was delicious!! Ice cream is Banana, passion fruit, strawberry and Nutella. Our stay in Venice was ending, we really like the hotel, the restaurants around it and even the Whole foods that had a really good fresh baguette paysanne. Sunsets from Washington Ave were amazing very nights. Time to move to our next destination, D

Dec 23, Let's shop like Pretty Woman in Beverly hills

Day 3 in LA, rain has stopped so shopping in the streets on Beverly hills is a lot more fun I can't really afford to buy anything there but it is always fun to window shop We even found Santa Claus on Rodeo Drive Next was Brentwood country market, it is always a good place to meet stars shopping and little boutiques we found a great buche de Noel at Le pain quotidien it already feels more and more like Christmas. our last stop that day was in Santa Monica, at Hiromi paper, where I collected lots of wash tapes!! tomorrow is Christmas eve, our last day in Santa Monica...

Dec 22, Shopping in the rain!!

I just hate the rain, even if we desperately need it in California. So today, we decided to do shopping around the Grove and Farmer Market on 3rd street in LA. It is a great place for food, especially if you like French food and Brazilian steak house like me!! Shopping included the American Girl doll Store where I was able to design my own outfit. We also checked out Knit culture, where we found out the store was closing so I rewarded myself with half price cashmere. Another great little store, The Fabric store was even for affordable quality fabric from New Zealand Guess what tomorrow, different area, more shopping...

Dec 21, Glendale, Griffith park, Los Feliz

The tour took us a lot more time than expected and we kind of had to rush for the rest of the day. Atwater village in Glendale was a great spot for lunch. I had found out multiple great places on Glendale Ave, Canelé was closed Bon vivant had too much of a crowd so we went to Indochine we also found a small yarn store to walk to!! Back on the road we were driving in the Hollywood hills on Mulholland Dr, from Laurel Cyn to the Hollywood bowl. The view is majestic, unfortunately I was driving and we couldn't stop much. Last stop just before sunset was Griffith Park. That is all for our first day, tomorrow more shopping in the rain!!

Dec 21, des étoiles plein les yeux!!

Not my first time in LA, but still enjoy the city with traffic, people watching and stars Today we are starting with a Studio tour, Warner Bros here we come. I will highly recommended, it was a lot of fun, despite the fact that all the TV shows were in hiatus for the holidays I will do it again this time while TV shows are filming. We had booked our tickets on line a week in advance and since not knowing if traffic will be bearable, we left 2 hours before the tour from the Hotel in Venice. Oh well, we arrived 1 hour in advance and decided to explore the area, Olive Ave in Burbank. It is a long avenue with large billboards of all the TV shows or Movies Tour started with outside decors, here f

Dec 20, on our way to Los Angeles

Fresh of and ready for the 2 week vacation, car rented, plenty of energy and space in the car trunk, let's go.... 1st stop a great Fabric shop in Paso Robles, BIRCH Great little store with their own design and lot of choices 2nd stop was late lunch on a great BBQ place in San Luis Obispo, OLD BBQ SLO First great sunset pictures from the freeway around Santa Barbara and then in Malibu Next first day in LA, with some stars in the program!!

New year, new blog!!

I have never been really big in new year resolution but if I had to make one this year is to publish a new blog in 2016. So happy new year and welcome to the new blog!!

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