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Dec 21, des étoiles plein les yeux!!

Not my first time in LA,

but still enjoy the city with traffic, people watching and stars

Today we are starting with a Studio tour, Warner Bros here we come.

I will highly recommended, it was a lot of fun,

despite the fact that all the TV shows were in hiatus for the holidays

I will do it again this time while TV shows are filming.

We had booked our tickets on line a week in advance and since not knowing if traffic will be bearable, we left 2 hours before the tour from the Hotel in Venice.

Oh well, we arrived 1 hour in advance and decided to explore the area, Olive Ave in Burbank.

It is a long avenue with large billboards of all the TV shows or Movies

Tour started with outside decors, here for the new Gilmore Girls.

Then a museum with a special exhibition on Batman.

Thanks to our great guide, we were able to visit my favorite show, Big Bang Theory.

We were not allow to take any pictures but it was quiet an experience.

I was able to get this picture from the museum.

The studio where they film BBT is exactly like on TV, but only 3 stages are permanent,

Penny's apartment, the hallway and Leonard and Sheldon's apartment.

The rest is in kit and put together when necessary.

One of my favorite part of the Studio museum was the large exhibition from FRIENDS

I spent a lot of time looking at the panoramic screen with lots of movies and TV series I loved

then at the shop

this is all for Hollywood, next stop lunch in Glendale.

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