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A day of Kool-aid dyeing

So much fun these kid drinks are wonderful dyes.

1. Tons of Kool-aid

2. Fisherman Yarn

3. Scale/plastic cups

4. Make as many as 20 m test skeins as you can.

5. Put 2g of dye and 1 test skein in jars and microvave for 2 min.

6. Let it stand until color desired or water transparent, the longer the more intense the color is.

7. 1st try-out

Results on oak yarn, plain dye

2nd batch, more of fun experience

1. 2nd batch with grape, 1st oak, 2nd cream

2. 2nd batch with strawberry, 1st cream, 2nd cream

3. Lemon lime/grape on oak yarn

4. Mango peach/grape pn oak yarn

5. 2nd batch with grape, 1st cream, 2nd cream

6. lemon lime on cream yarn

7. Tropical punch on cream yarn

8. Lemonade on cream yarn

9. Grape on cream yarn

10. 2nd batch with grape/lemon lime, 1st oak, 2nd cream

on Drops alpaca yarn

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