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Stitches West 2017 - Day 1

Best time of the year is February in California because the weather is rather warm and sunny ( except for this year, it was horrible with buckets of rain) and as a knitter the biggest show is in town.

Stitches west is back!!!

The event takes place at the Santa Clara convention center, located in Santa Clara, CA.

It is the opportunity to meet your favorite vendors, designers, dyers, local yarn shops, meet people for different part of the country who share the same passion.

It includes classes and market place. The Stitches market is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but if you are signed up for a class, you have the opportunity of attending a preview of the market Thursday night. Needless to say that I look forward to attend every year. I usually signed up for one-hour market session because it includes the 3 day pass for the market as well as the Thursday night preview. I found out over the years that the class is always fun to take.

Thursday night market session is only open to people registered to a class.

So you want to aim at your favorite booth first.

Let's go...

Love this self stripping yarn, soft and beautiful colors,

I bought the giant skein to make a baby blanket,

and a little sweet project bag.

I also loved finding La Bien Aimée yarn available as kit in the US.

loved the tiny little stitch markers themed from fairy tales, like Cinderella, Rapunzel's castle, Aladdin, Little mermaid, Pea pod, Last unicorn or White rabbit.

💚 Biscotte yarns ❤️

cute little booth with tons of self stripping yarn for socks mainly but also shawls and scarf.

I picked up some cup cakes and hope but the clown fish one would have been great for kids.

Yarn came all the away from Montreal, Canada!!!

💜 YOTH 💚 Yarn On The House 💙

Lovely new patterns to put on my favorite list

Their booth is always a delight for for the eyes, lots of goodies,

patterns, beautiful yarn and cutest notions

💚 Knitifacts 💜

Lovely ideas for new stitch markers and row counters

❤️ Chicken boots 💙

Organizing your knitting supplies is important as it is expensive and you can loose it easily.

Chicken boots thought about everything in style!!!

💚 Yarn culture ❤️

We are extremely lucky that this great yarn store from Upstate NY always comme to Stitches west.

They have the most exquisite collection of yarn.

Yarn from around the world and now a whole collection inspired from vacation pictures.

Every year I can't wait to discover their new yarn and beautiful colors you can't find anywhere else.

"On the Spice market" shawl pattern is now one of my favorite by Melanie Berg.

That is it for day 1, more to come soon.

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