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A day in natural dyeing, playing with BQUEEN Collection box

Last July I discovered BQUEEEN COLLECTION monthly dye box.

I immediately loved the idea and subscribed

I received my first box at the beginning of August.


  • 100g of DK yarn, ready to dye

  • 3g of natural dye in a cute little cork bottle

  • nitrile gloves,

  • stirring utensils, wood spoon and wisk

  • a paper cup for mixing

  • surprises in a tiny envelop

  • full instruction

I started by preparing the yarn is small skeins of 20g each.

then I started to mix 1 g of the dye with hot water

I put water in a large pot and started heating it up.

Then poured the dye in the pot when water was hot.

Finally put the yarn, skein by skein.

The longer I left the skein in hot water the darker the skein was.

I removed the skein from the pot and let it cool down in warn water in jars all night.

The result was really beautiful gradient!!

The color is beautiful better than I have ever experienced.

This box is great, I can't wait to receive the next one.

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