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Playing with colors and small skeins

I just love playing with colors and yarn dyeing

this time I had

✏ 14 colors (Jacquard acid dye)

✏ 16 small skeins of fingering yarn

superwash is preferred

(BFL, MCN, Knit picks, 25 g each)

1. Tools are needed

✏ a small scale

✏ a small measurement tool

✏ water (100 ml per 1g dye)

✏ small labelled cups

✏ large jars if you decide to use the microwave

2. Experimenting

✏ small tissue paper can be useful to see what color I will look like at the end

✏ prepare the jars with filling with hot water half way

✏ add 10ml of vinegar in each jar

✏ add dyed water from cup

✏ stir the mix

✏ add yarn

3. Heating

✏ I put the jar in microwave for 2 minutes non stop,

then 4 times 30 seconds,

checking each time to make sure yarn is not boiling,

if you yarn boils it is felting.

4. Drying

Once microwaved, let the yarn rest in jar until water cool (overnight if needed),

it helps the yarn to better absorb the dye.

Water must be transparent.

Then rinse and let it dry.

5. Proudly take a picture and Instagram it ☺

✏ Salmon and ecru

✏ Brown and ecru

✏ Teal

✏ Vermillion

✏ Royal blue

✏ Aztec gold

6. 2nd experiment

✏ take some of the colors I didn't like and

dye it over with Kool-aid

(Same process 24 hours later)

Look at these gorgeous colors!!!

✏ Brown and peach mango

✏ Sky blue and silver grey

✏ Chestnut and Grape

✏ Salmon and orange

✏ Pumpkin orange and grape

✏ Ecru and IBR lemonade

✏ Silver grey and strawberry-kiwi

✏ Gun metal and navy

✏ Gold ochre, pina and grape

✏ Chartreuse, lemonade and ecru

Comments on the experience

✏ preferred yarn superwash BFL, MCN DK, fingering was too thin

✏ some colors like silver grey mixes well with pink and blue

✏ don't forget the vinegar or the dye won't stay on yarn ✏ use stock solution of dye if small quantity dyed ✏ a good set of measuring tools are essential ✏ understanding DOS (depth of shade) ✏ take notes . . . lots of it

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