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Winter melt down

Now that my yarn is ready for knitting, let's find the perfect pattern.

Pattern : Cloud Bay by Justyna Lorkowska

Yarn : Merino/alpaca/nylon blend, (recycled yarn)

Unravelled yarn from a Banana Republic sweater, 550g Gauge US7, 18 sts -32 rows

Notes for pattern modification :

Use the pattern until pockets,

Modification of the pockets

Front of the pocket

Row 1, K9, put 23 sts on spare yarn cast on 23sts (back loop),

K until last 32 sts, put next 23 sts on spare yarn, cast on 23 sts (back loop), K9 Row 2, P9, put Mk, (P1, K1) x 11, P1, put Mk, P until 32 sts, put Mk,

(P1, K1) x 11, P1, put Mk, P9. Row 3, K9, slip Mk, (K1, P1) x 11, K1, slip Mk, K until 32 sts, slip Mk,

(K1, P1) x 11, K1, slip Mk, K9.

Continue ribbing until row 7 Row 8, P9, remove Mk, K23, remove Mk, P until 32 sts, remove Mk, K23, remove Mk, P9.

Back of the pocket

Put back 23 sts from spare yarn back on needles,

knit 30 rows stockinette.

Reattach back pocket and cardigan, Right side, knit back pocket together with cardigan each sts together. Next row, all knit on wrong side. then continue on with ribbing, K1/P1, 6 rows, then bind off.

Front borders/crochet buttonholes

I ran out of yarn, so I couldn’t finish the border as instructed on the pattern. So I did a chain border and placed 7 buttonholes 2 inches apart; starting at the bottom ribbing and finishing a the bottom of the V-neck.

Unravelled yarn is knitting well, very even

Started using my homemade stitch marker (Mk),

pretty easy raglan top down pattern

Soon I was ready to separate body and sleeves

I was looking to make a raglan V-neck cardigan I could wear during California winter.

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