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Stitches West 2016 - Day 2

Walked up at down and ready to explore the market

We started with the back of the market where all the indy dyers are and the small businesses

Yarnover truck had a huge booth organized like a camp ground,

with lots of exclusive beautiful yarns.

Debbie the truck made it again to the Bay area.

A little shop in Sausalito, Blue bird yarn

beautiful patterns and yarn that glow in the dark!!

Also a perfect San Francisco hat with Giants colors, a must during baseball season!!

Sincere sheep yarn is a naturaly dyed in Northern California. I manage to get 2 skeins of their fingering yarn in purple. Can't wait to see it knitted, probably in this beautiful sheep cardigan.

Beautiful colors at Canon hand dyes,

lots to get inspired

One of big thig this year was self stripe yarn,

a short sample of what we can found on several booths,

- what it looks like once knitted

- some in cakes, made from long tube knitted,

- knitted or croched socks

- or in skeins.

These were from White Birch Fiber Arts,

a cute little Etsy store.

We learnt later that caked skein were knits of a long rectangle of double thickness layer. They are then dyed or painted to achieve unique results. Finally they are wind in a ball aka cake.

Well soon it was time to take our one hour market session class

Kool Aid dyeing

Personnaly a lot of fun, dyeing is so much fun!!

Time to go home and rest, we still have to cover a good chunk of the market tomorrow...

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