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A day at Avaya Stadium

Soccer, football,... football, soccer... call it what you want, I just love watching this sport.

Got the chance to attend this game MLS all stars vs Arsenal (UK),

at our local Avaya stadium in San Jose, CA.

First the stadium

brand new, it opened in March 2015

Modern, pleasant, it is the real deal, just like European stadium!!

Thanks to my friend season tickets we had great seats on the south corner in the shade.

I was a bit disappointed by the food selection but the extra large open bar and the beer selection was impressive.

Another fun fact from this stadium is that is next to the San Jose airport and you can see the planes landing every 5 minutes.

Arsenal above

A little before the game, we could see both team practicing!!

MLS All-Stars

Then we had the American anthem and show

I was surprised to see so much fireworks so closed to the airport and planes landing!!

Game went well but a bit slow for my taste.

I caught a few picture of the All-Stars players,

here Dempsey and Wondolowski, aka Wondo, a local San Jose Player.

Dempsey plays for Seattle but he is also the captan of the US national team.

Arsenal won 2-1

Overall a great experience!!

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