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Day trip in Vancouver, BC

Well day 2 was a bit of an adventure...

... a train ride to Vancouver, BC for the day.

The ride started at the Edmond, WA train station,

small but better option for parking that downtown Seattle.

Ticket was only $66 round trip, 4 hours each way.

The train takes us along the coast of Pacific Northwest USA and Canada.

I managed to take a few pictures of the coast at sunrise despite the clouds.

It was completely cloudy and rainy once we arrived in Vancouver, BC

Once off the train you still need to go through immigration and customs.

Everything is Canada is in French and English, by law!!

I have to say that it was fun to complete the Canadian customs form in French.

It amused the customs officer.

Once out of the train station we converted a few of our US dollars into colorful Canadian dollars and hopped on the bus for our final destination, KNIT CITY event.😋

Plenty of hand dyers, mostly Canadian, let's explore.

Before taking the train back to Seattle, we ventured into downtown Vancouver, on Robson Street.

Visiting my favorite Canadian store, ROOTS

Then it was time to go back to the train station.

A few more pictures at sunset on our way back to Seattle.

Despite waiting 10 minutes at the border waiting in the train, we were glad we were not driving back. there was a very long line for car at the US/Canadian border and with the rain, the drive would have been just horrible.

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