Fun dyeing . . . going wrong???

I had fun dyeing with one color but even more when mixing colors and see how it ends up 1. RB lemonade (Kool-aid) and smidgen of Sand Dune (Dharma dye) 2. Berry blasting cherry (Kool-aid) and smidgen of Salmon (Jacquard dye) 3. Smidgen of Twilight grey (Dharma dye) and dust of Teal (Jacquard dye) 4. Grape (Kool-aid) and smidgen of Burgundy (Jacquard dye) 5. Smidgen of Fawn (Dharma dye) 6. Smidgen of Green Juniper (Wilton food coloring) 7. Smidgen of royal blue (Jacquard dye) All skeins are 25 g and dye mix dissolved in 100 ml of hot water. ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ I pour in the mix little by little in the large ball, remove the yarn, pour a little again, cook in microwave and let it stand un

2nd bash

I took the same yarn I had "dust dye" last week and pour a smidgen of the dye in 100 ml of hot water. Dye was applied on now a 20g mini skeins. I like the result with Dharma dye It is not exactly like the picture on the web site but overall it is colors I can enjoy I can't wait to dye more on large skeins.

Dust of dye

Another day of fun - dyeing yarn use the same rules as this post After multiple try-out, I chose a Superwash DK yarn (Bare from Knit picks). it is a soft yarn and that takes the dye very well. I first put the 100g skein in a ball then I make the ball in 25g skeins (4 each) I used the Dharma dye this time in the following colors And some Gaywool dye ✏ Saltbush ✏Watercrest this is I added only a dust of dye to the 100 ml hot water cup Beautiful very soft pastel colors I only kept a 5g sample skein, I am still playing with the dye and the rest of the mini skeins, now 20g each....

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