Em Dash

TEST KNIT Pattern : Em Dash by Lisa Chemery Yarn : YOTH YARN 5 skeins of Thyme, 2 skeins of Cacao Size : XL Notes for pattern modification : Since I was afraid of running out of yarn, I did the sleeves and neck border before the rest of the body. Total body lengh from armhole, 51 cm, as I wanted to wear my cardigan at full lengh for California winter. 40 cm would have been to short for me. Chest circumference fits well for my XL size. Ran out of yarn so adapted with stripes 9 cm after body and sleeves separation on both body and sleeves. 13 buttons total. Pockets are total of 14 cm, fit my hand well that way. Use a white thread to guide my sewing sides of pockets for a better clean finis

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