California sunset

Living in California has its advantage 😃 we can have beautiful sunset on a daily basis. Enjoy!!!

More books

3 more books arrived today 1. Intemporels pour bebes - 2 Even cuter that the first book!! so many classic patterns 2. Poupée à coudre It so cute I couldn't pass on this book. I am going to use it for Miss Maggie's doll I just made. 3. Vetements de poupée More doll clothe to try out and this adorable doll case to make.

A few new books

I love books and found it very convenient that I can order any books in various foreign languages directly from any Amazon store all around the world and have it shipped for very little to my door. 1. Objets-couture pour bebe. love this little suitcase, so adorable. 2. Creations en Liberty pour enfants Lots of projects for my favorite HTSY dolls. 3. Petits riens en Liberty Lots of accessories and projects in Liberty fabric, simply a classic. 4. Le Liberty sous toutes les coutures Great book with lots of knowledge and projects with Liberty fabric 5. Nouveaux intemporels pour enfants I couldn't wait to get that book, such great patterns and so pretty I might try every patterns many times.

Single yarn dyeing

Experimenting on single yarn lace Base: Malabrigo Lace, Natural Dyes: Country classics mix of Mountain aqua and charcoal produced a light grey blue Base: Malabrigo Lace, Pearl Dyes: Country classics Poppy red, on grey yarn produced a vintage pink Single yarn takes any dye very fast and uniformly. It is also easier to make pastel colors. I like to knit that yarn a lot. It is so soft and so thin that I can easily use it for my baby designs.

Summer shirt

Made this little summer shirt from an old Old Navy top Details of the collar sewn like a bias Details of the small sleeve

An evening at the ball park

April means baseball season in the US. I was lucky enough to be at the ATT park to see the SF Giants play against the Oakland A's. "We are Giants" We had the best seats in the whole stadium Of course we needed hot dogs, it is a baseball must!! I was surprised to find a Montreal classic so far away from Quebec. It was a great evening, great game, can't wait to be back here in June with my coworkers...

Cauliflower gartin

A classic in French cuisine, super easy to make and fill the whole family, so yummy!! INGREDIENTS 1 bag of cauliflower from Trader Joe 1 cup of bechamel 1/2 cup of shredded Emmental cheese RECIPE cook cauliflower according to bag instructions prepare bechamel put the cauliflower in the blended and shred put shredded cauliflower in casserole dish pour bechamel over it add shredded cheese on the top put in over to broil until golden let it cool off on counter top and enjoy!!

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