Day 3 in Seattle, WA

Week end coming to an end and we wanted to enjoy the few hours before my flight back home. First things first, breakfast at Macrina Then a little tour of Queen Anne Hill and Kerry park with the best view of the city. We continued on to explore downtown, and fell in love with Pike market!! Long aisles of wonderful food, flowers, fruits and vegetables, French bakery, 1st Starbuck that ever opened little souvenirs, this city is fan of their teams, even at the yarn store, and this wonderful fine food place, De Laurenti. We continued on walking to Pioneer square, lovely neighborhood!! Found the cutest craft store, Drygoods design Time to go home and prepare for the new adventure...

Day trip in Vancouver, BC

Well day 2 was a bit of an adventure... ... a train ride to Vancouver, BC for the day. The ride started at the Edmond, WA train station, small but better option for parking that downtown Seattle. Ticket was only $66 round trip, 4 hours each way. The train takes us along the coast of Pacific Northwest USA and Canada. I managed to take a few pictures of the coast at sunrise despite the clouds. It was completely cloudy and rainy once we arrived in Vancouver, BC Once off the train you still need to go through immigration and customs. Everything is Canada is in French and English, by law!! I have to say that it was fun to complete the Canadian customs form in French. It amused the customs officer

A week end in Seattle, WA

Living in the Bay area means people are coming and going very often. Recently one of my best friend moved to Seattle, WA. 😢 Well, it gave me the opportunity to visit this beautiful city and lucky me it was a sunny week end. 😎 We agreed to the week end of Sept 30, 2016 since there was a knitting event in Vancouver, BC that I have always wanted to attend. Take off was at down Friday morning!! For once the flight was smooth and I was able to take a few good pictures from my window seat. Before landing into Settle airport we passed over the city. The fair weather allowed me to take nice pictures from above. Welcome to Seattle, WA Once on the ground, best way to reach downtown was light rail, b

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