French apple pie

One of my favorite French desert, super easy to make and fill the whole family,so yummy!! INGREDIENTS As many apple as you want, for me 6 Fuji apples from the Farmer market 1 package of French puff pastry (pate feuilletée) 1 pack of sugar vanilla mixed with some cane sugar 1 spoon of amber rum RECIPE unroll the puff pastry pill and slices the apple put them all around the puff pastry put sugar equally all around the pie pour the amber rum put in the over and cook until golden at 400F, I put mine on my pizza pan let it cool off on counter top and enjoy!!

Renegade craft fair, San Francisco (spring 2016)

A few times a year Fort Mason host the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair I love it, it is a great way to discover local small business and local products. A few of my favorite vendors AXL Brand Dear Indigo El Sage designs JOLN Lady Alamo Fawn Baby LOOME

A day in San Francisco

Beautiful day, 22C and a light breeze, perfect to hang out is the beautiful city of San Francisco. Market street, downtown San Francisco Wells Fago bank in downtown San Francisco Downtown and its buildings, San Francisco Hopping on a bus and going through Chinatown, San Francisco Going through the city and ending up at Ghirardelli square, San Francisco The area is near the water, looking at Alcatraz The area smells like a chocolate factory, Yum!! At the promenade I found great store, a French bakery... ...a beautiful souvenir shop... was lunch time, found that great pub with Texas BBQ while lunching I had this beautiful view of the bay and Alcatraz A little walk away I found Fort Mason

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