Playing with colors and small skeins

I just love playing with colors and yarn dyeing this time I had ✏ 14 colors (Jacquard acid dye) ✏ 16 small skeins of fingering yarn superwash is preferred (BFL, MCN, Knit picks, 25 g each) 1. Tools are needed ✏ a small scale ✏ a small measurement tool ✏ water (100 ml per 1g dye) ✏ small labelled cups ✏ large jars if you decide to use the microwave 2. Experimenting ✏ small tissue paper can be useful to see what color I will look like at the end ✏ prepare the jars with filling with hot water half way ✏ add 10ml of vinegar in each jar ✏ add dyed water from cup ✏ stir the mix ✏ add yarn 3. Heating ✏ I put the jar in microwave for 2 minutes non stop, then 4 times 30 seconds, checking each time to

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