Maggie's blanket (free pattern)

6 colors mixed up for this adorable patchwork doll blanket Adorable petite couverture patchwork de 6 couleurs 36 squares of 6 by 6 cm 36 Carrés de 6 par 6 cm Cast on 16 x 6 sts = 92 sts Knit all sts for 28 rows in garter sts Change color, knit all sts for 28 rows again Repeat until 6 repeats Bind off all sts each colors Monter 16 x 6 mailles = 92 mailles Tricoter en point mousse sur 28 rangs Changer de couleur, tricoter en point mousse de nouveau 28 rangs Répéter 6 fois. Rabattre toutes les mailles dans chaque couleur. Yarn from recycled sweater/ laine recyclée d'un vieux pull FRONT/DEVANT BACK/DEVANT

My favorite tools for dyeing yarn

My tiny kitchen is slowly transforming into a dyeing studio, as I have collected a few material for dyeing. 1. Containers Balls The large ball is very useful for single skein and microwave heat. le grand bol est très pratique pour teindre un écheveau au micro onde. Large cans The large jar is very useful for sample skein (20-25g) and microwave heat. Le grand pot est très pratique pour teindre des échantillions de 20-25 gr au micro onde. Flat pans The large flat pan is very useful for multi color dye, speckle dye , self striped. It goes easily on the stove. Le grand plat est très pratique pour teindre des écheveaux auto-rayante, avec des speckles. On peut facilement le mettre directement sur

Off the grid

Election night, California primaries, let's go out and eat at the Cupertino Off the grid food trucks A few food trucks on the parking lot of the Wholefood in Cupertino, Sushis, Greek, BBQ, Cup cakes, Mexican, seafood, burgers, Thai. I chose a BBQ plate with brisket and ribs, 2 sides, bbq baked beans and potato salad, less than $20. Enough for 2 people, delicious!!


TEST KNIT Pattern : Venetian Dream by Josée Paquin Yarn : madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light 3 balls of rose, 1 ball gossamer Size : L2 Notes for pattern modification : ​Started with main color, rose. Did neck edge in contrasting color gossamer. Followed pattern until separate body and sleeves. Made increases every 12 rounds until 100 rounds. 302 sts Worked transition stripes, next 12 rows before separation of front and back. Round 1 - gossamer Round 2 to 4 - rose Round 5 to 6 - gossamer Round 7 to 8 - rose Round 9 to 11 - gossamer Round 12 - rose Continue the rest of the body in gossamer Sleeves, back in main color, want longer sleeves Dec every 10 rounds

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